Our focus continues to bring real-world solutions to real-world challenges & opportunities for executives of the senior housing and healthcare industry.  We specialize in very specific areas of sales, marketing, recruitment and project management.  Additionally, through our client relationships, and individual standings within the industry, we provide access to solutions that maximize the return on investments in people, products, and infrastructure.  Whether you are a stand-alone community, a multi-location management company, or a small to medium-sized business serving our shared industry... you're at the right place.  Be a part of the group and get to know the experts that have helped clients start, develop, and expand their organizations.  



Our team has served other industries, yet we focus specifically on the Senior Housing and Healthcare industry in meaningful ways.  Whether sales, marketing, project management, recruitment, leadership consulting, audio/video production, etc, we serve the needs of our aging population.  Over the years and continuing to today, our experts have worn a multitude of hats within businesses that specialize in our core service areas.  Perhaps you are seeking a particular service offering, some industry intel, or just a peer to talk a situation through... the team at Bright One Alliance is ready. 


Bertha Brubaker        CEO

Bertha Brubaker

In working for state government Bertha has been perfecting the art of project management.   That expertise has made this organization thrive.


She has a Bachelors in Journalism & Mass Communications and a Master's in Public Administration from Drake University.  For the last 15 years, she has been developing a long standing reputation in the Des Moines area as a strong advocate for the arts, culture, and community development. 


Previous community contributions include...


  • Co-Executive Director - Salsa Des Moines

  • Board Member of Alianza

  • Board Member of Latinos Unidos

  • Community advocate for abused women's rights and engage society again through music, dance, and fellowship

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Charles Brubaker      President 

Charles Brubaker

In jack-of-trades styling, over the last 10 years, Charles has been developing models & strategies used by clients who vary from the small employer, to state trade associations, to large national companies.  Well versed in the areas of sales, marketing, & software platforms, the majority of consulting arrangements fall within a particular methodology - Data-Driven Sales & Multi-Channel Marketing.  It's quite the mouthful, yet this project based method establishes the tracks by which the client's efforts can run on and builds the freight train of consistent, predictable revenue all businesses are striving for.  


Previous community contributions include:


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